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We offer a range of services to support you through each step of the collection design and production process. 

Collection Design

Whether you are just starting out or already have an established set-up, there is always room to grow. Our array of services includes: 

  • Apparel Design: From visualisation to execution, we can develop your entire collection. 

  • Textile and Print Design: Your design is only as good as the fabric that shapes it. Collaborate with our talented team to create prints that are uniquely yours. 

  • Technical Design: Execute your designs with ease and precision through our technical expertise and on-point communication with factories

  • Sourcing and Production: Bringing your collection to life is our goal. With years of industry experience, we have a vast network of manufacturing and fabric partners who will deliver to your quantities and standards.

Collection Design
trend forecasting

Trend Forecasting

We are here to help your brand keep up with the latest. We observe, track, and interpret trends that are relevant and brand specific. We filter the chaos and present pertinent and usable insights for your brand.


Visit our Shop section to see readily available reports to get you started or commission one with us.

Print Comm

Print Commission & Licensing

We have a thriving set of artists and designers who create unique designs for apparel, home and accessories. We love hand painting and exploring diverse techniques to create new ways of representing print designs. We also offer digital printing services. Visit our Shop section to see readily available prints or commission your next print.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Running a fashion business is tough and you don’t need to do it alone. Drive your business to success by leveraging Aara Inc.’s know-how, validating your ideas or simply brainstorm opportunities. We help you build your assortment, refine your retail strategy, position your brand and mentor it to success. 

Sustainable design

Sustainable Design

The fashion industry is at a turning point right now. It is essential for brands to think about sustainability and make it a core mindset. We can help you build sustainability in your brand by offering the right resources. Get to know the latest in sustainable techniques, produce with ethical factories and source certified eco-friendly fabrics. 

Bespoke Services

Don’t see something you are looking for? We are just an email away.


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