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Why Us?

At Aara Inc. clients are assured to get the best. Our clients see our passion and energy and treat us as an extension of their team. Here is why they choose to work with us: 

  1. We provide extensive product development experience at a fraction of the cost

  2. We have a 360° approach bringing balance between commercial needs and design values

  3. We filter the clutter and bring authenticity to the brand

  4. We focus on building long term value

  5. We have collected years of consumer data and market insights, that help brands make informed decisions

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Our Clients

With a portfolio of 75+ global brands, we have worked across multiple categories and helped clients achieve their design and production goals. Our areas of expertise include Womens RTW, Mens RTW, Ethnicwear, Kids, Swim and Athletic.

Huda Beauty, Bebe, Trends, Spencer, Landmark, Marlies Grace,
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